Hi, I am Barb!

I am an artist who resides in the
rainy, lush landscaped, mountain draped Northwest.

My most current state of being is an artist for Infinut a small start up that creates edcuational math games for children K-3 using Android platform. Because Infinut is super small I wear many hats. I create mockups, concept art, cute final art for in game, animations, graphic design, game design, UX design, whatever the team needs I jump in to help.


I went to school (BFA and MFA) for theatre scenic design. During this part of my education I learned the set design pipeline; research, sketches, color rendering, drafting, model building, paint elevations, building and painting sets. I also learned about budgets (time and money), collaboration, composition, lighting, prop making, scenic painting, and costume design. In grad school I got into computers and used Photoshop and 3D modeling to help my design process.

Game Development

When I graduated grad school I went to work for the University of California, Irvine VR lab. There I created environments for games that were being used for experimenting with cognitive thinking and navigating in a 3D and "4D" virtual environments. After this I went to work in the gaming industry for 6 years as a 3D environmental artist and lead artist and art director at Treyach.

Current Dreams and Passions

After working in the gaming industry for 6 years; I decided that I wanted to do something that contributed to society. I saw children everywhere playing games on their hand held devices and thought that they could be learning while playing video games. So my current passion is to create educational games that that are fun and addicting. I have working on my new journey. I worked for The Center for Game Science at The University of Washington/Seattle campus for 3 years creating art for math and science discovery games. Currently I am looking for a position that will continue on my path of educating children in a fun way. I would like to work at a casual game company to learn what makes a game fun and the pipeline to get it there. Of course if there is any children's educational game companies or teams that are looking for an awesome artist that has a lot of passion. Look no further here I am!